About the Owners

Aloha! Caleb & Caitlyn Phillips here! We have been married since 2020, and are looking forward to a little baby girl this year.  After COVID ruined our Hawaiian Honeymoon, we decided to go for our 1 year anniversary instead. We instantly fell in love with Hawaii, and more importantly, the SHAVE ICE!

We are so excited to bring a little piece of paradise to the great community of Gainesville FL. 

About the Mascot

Ollie Phillips is a spoiled goldendoodle. He loves cheese, Nana's house, swimming, and every person he comes in contact with. 

When his parents decided to open up a Hawaiian shave ice business, he knew he would need to be the center of attention. He quickly started playing his role as mascot and makes sure he is always camera ready. 

When you get to meet him, make sure to look at his trademark, his EYELASHES!!!