What is so special about your shave ice, in comparison to others?

We are so glad you asked! 

First, we pride ourselves on our ICE! After much research and visiting Hawaii, we have taken notes on the best ice machines and techniques. Our ice machine is top of the line and makes unbeatable ice. The texture is unlike regular snow cones, Italian Ice, or other shaved ice places. Secondly, we ofter ice cream on the inside! This is the true Hawaiian way to experience shave ice! We call it an "Ollie." So when you get to try our shave ice make sure to 'make it an Ollie!' Lastly, we have some amazing toppers! True to the beautiful islands of Hawaii!

Will Ollie's come to my event?

OF COURSE! Please email us at olliesshaveice@gmail.com. 

How big is your trailer?

We own a 7x12 trailer, but we have an extended tongue for our generator. So the full size is 7x18 feet.

What is your puppy treat?

We could never leave out our furry babies! We offer a shave ice treat for your doggy too!

It's a small size shave ice, with low sodium chicken broth "syrup." Your doggy will lick the bowl clean!